Art Direction

At Flaco, we believe hard work and constant communication are they keys to any successful project. Every new client is treated as an exciting challenge and we strive to always achieve optimal results for our partners. If we can’t meet the exact needs for your project requirements, we have a vast network of agencies across the EU and US specializing in every relevant discipline and service that are eager to help. We’re also in contact with leaders at top textile factories to aid in developing any product line in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner.


Branding & Identity

  • Brand

  • Naming

  • Visual identity

  • Print production

  • Brand Message

  • Identity manual


  • Typography

  • Product Design

  • Full service design solution

  • Full service illustration solution

  • Interior Design & Decoration

Creative Direction

  • Photo-shooting

  • Video-shooting

  • Copywriting

  • Outsourced Development


  • Editorial

  • Styling

  • Catalog

  • Corporative

  • Magazine

  • Book design

  • Book cover


We’re here for you: your ideas, your concerns and an inkling of where you want to lead your business are all we need to get oriented and extract maximum value from your investment and vision. If you want to learn more about our art direction and full design solutions, or are interested in having us send you a portfolio, please don’t hesitate to reach out.