Flaco means ‘skinny’ in Spanish and though we may be slim, our projects are from it in scope and scale. We are a creative collective of entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience - working and traveling worldwide at a restless rate - in roles across art, fashion, and design. Our appetite for working on new projects, our desire to learn from each challenge, and an impulse for constant change are the bedrock foundations of Flaco Studio.

Our philosophy is honesty first - we’re experts in our crafts and strive to maximize value for any partnership. Over the years we’ve worked with top-tier contacts in elite advertising agencies and major textile producers globally. This allows us to be agile in navigating the production landscapes, in whichever direction best suits your business. We dedicate a vast majority of our time to finding the best solutions for our clients - the rest we spend eating well and surfing!

We’re based out of A Coruña, Spain, a strategic capital for the world’s most important textile business and collaborations. If you find yourself in town, let us know, let’s catch some waves together!

Miguel & Marco
Founders of Flaco Studio

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